Terms & Conditions

For Website Design & Development:

  • Website maintains charge depend on client agreement.
  • Free service depend of agreement.
  • No monthly or yearly fees for design and development. Charge only applicable if customer wants to add any new option, Main menu or any kind of design and coding change.
  • No any hidden charge.
  • After providing the necessary documents like Logo, Text and Graphics, we will take minimum 7 (Seven) days to make your website design.
  • Any kind of support will be given through our support ticket system or phone call or physical visit.
  • Domain hosting renewal price is same as purchase price.
  • Website agreement is for to do Design & Development only.
  • We don’t make any content of website like text; image(Logo) etc
  • Client should provide the content of website like logo, text, image etc
  • Client have to pay 40% of agreement amount in advance.
  • Rest of payment after work delivery.
  • We do system Development not content development.


For Software Development:

  • Software maintain charge depend on agreement.
  • A agreement and requirement form will be signed between client an customer.
  • Every feature of software will be written on requirement form.
  • Client have to pay extra fees if he want to add additional change like new module add after sign on requirement from.
  • Client have to pay 40% advance of agreement amount.

Panels we provide:

1. Domain Panel
2. Hosting Panel.
3. Website Admin Panel